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Families with Expertise & Compassion

By Grace We Grow navigates the world of special needs homeschooling and behavioral support for you in order to support families every step of the way. Whether you are currently transitioning your child from a public-school setting, dabbling with your 4-year-old preschooler, or a 10-year homeschool veteran needing a fresh set of eyes on a situation, we are here to provide professional and compassionate support and expertise.


Your Child's Success is Our Success

We know how important it is for your child and your family to experience growth and accomplishment. This is why we help identify measurable and realistic goals that will get ignite the momentum your family needs to experience success!

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Meet Bri!

Bri lives in the beautiful state of Idaho with her husband and four children. She is a Christian homeschooling mom, who loves kids – both her own and those she has the privilege to serve. She has extensive experience teaching special education in the classroom and serving as a statewide special education coordinator and behavior analyst for school districts throughout her state.

By Grace We Grow is created out of her passion to blend these experiences. Bri strongly feels that the best outcomes happen when families of children with special needs are supported and empowered to raise their children based on long known, proven truths, not the trendy practices of society that come and go over the years.


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