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Families Through Expert Guidance & Support

By Grace We Grow offers a range of services designed to support families with special needs children, including the following: Family Consultation, Workshops and Courses, and In-Person Behavior Intervention.

Family Consultation

By Grace We Grow offers a comprehensive Family Consultation service tailored specifically for homeschooling families. Through this service, Bri will work closely with parents to help them navigate the various aspects of homeschooling, ensuring a well-rounded and successful educational experience.

During the Family Consultation, Bri will address curriculum choice, service planning, environmental structure, and parent training. Bri will help families discover a  combination of resources that align with the child's learning style and educational goals. Parents will also receive valuable insights into creating an optimal learning environment within the home. Bri will offer recommendations for setting up a dedicated study area, establishing routines, and minimizing distractions to foster a conducive learning space.

Parents will leave the consultation with effective teaching strategies, time management techniques, and support in addressing any challenges that may arise during the homeschooling journey. This personalized guidance empowers parents to confidently navigate the homeschooling experience, ensuring a rewarding and enriching educational path for their children.

This service is available in the Magic Valley or online.


Workshops & Courses

By Grace We Grow offers a comprehensive range of workshops and consultation services to support homeschooling families on their educational journey. Bri's workshops cover a variety of topics, from getting started with homeschooling to addressing specific academic challenges. Families are encouraged to explore By Grace We Grow's offerings and schedule a consultation to learn more about how they can benefit from this invaluable resource for homeschoolers.

In-Person Behavior Intervention

At By Grace We Grow we understand that homeschooling can present unique behavioral challenges. Bri will work closely with parents to identify potential triggers and develop personalized strategies to promote positive behavior and effective learning.

During the in-person intervention, Bri provides guidance on creating a structured routine, implementing positive reinforcement techniques, and fostering a nurturing environment. She will also equip parents with practical tools and strategies for managing challenging behaviors, such as setting clear expectations, using consistent consequences, and promoting self-regulation skills.

Through this hands-on approach, By Grace We Grown ensure that parents receive tailored support to address their unique concern. The in-person behavior intervention service is a valuable resource for families seeking to overcome behavioral obstacles and create a positive and productive learning environment.

This service is available in person throughout the Magic Valley.


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